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Selected Regulations Related to the Office of Airline Information




14 CFR 200

Definitions and instructions

14 CFR 217

Reporting traffic statistics by foreign air carriers in civilian scheduled, charter, and nonscheduled services

14 CFR 234

Airline service quality performance reports

14 CFR 241

Uniform system of accounts and reports for large certificated air carriers

14 CFR 244

Reporting Tarmac Delay Data

14 CFR 247

Direct airport-to-airport mileage records

14 CFR 248

Submission of audit reports

14 CFR 249

Preservation of air carrier records

14 CFR 250


14 CFR 291

Cargo operations in interstate air transportation

14 CFR 298

Exemptions for air taxi and commuter air carrier operations

14 CFR 374a

Extension of credit by airlines to Federal political candidates

14 CFR 385

Staff assignments and review of action under assignments

14 CFR 399

Statements of general policy

Updated: Wednesday, September 27, 2017