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National Transportation Statistics 6/19/19 Update, Personal Consumption Expenditures on Transportation, and other categories

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - National Transportation Statistics (NTS) – a guide to historical national-level transportation trends was updated today.

Recently Updated Tables by Topics:

Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

  • Number of U.S. Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances (1-11)

Travel and Goods Movement

  • Air Passenger Travel Departures from the United States to Selected Foreign Countries (1-46)
  • U.S.-Canadian Border Land-Passenger Gateways: Entering the United States (1-47)
  • U.S.-Mexican Border Land-Passenger Gateways: Entering the United States (1-48)

Physical Performance

  • Mishandled-Baggage Reports Filed by Passengers with the Largest U.S. Air Carriers (1-65)

Multimodal Safety

  • Hazardous Materials Fatalities, Injuries, Accidents, and Property Damage Data (2-6)

Air Safety

  • Number of Pilot-Reported Near Midair Collisions (NMAC) by Degree of Hazard (2-15)

Transportation and Consumer Expenditures

  • Sales Price of Transportation Fuel to End-Users (3-11)
  • Personal Consumption Expenditures on Transportation by Subcategory (3-16)

Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

  • Employment in Transportation and Transportation-Related Occupations (3-24)

U.S. Transportation Section Energy Consumption

  • Overview of U.S. Petroleum Production, Imports, Exports, and Consumption (4-1)
  • U.S. Consumption of Energy from Primary Sources by Sector (4-2)
  • Domestic Demand for Refined Petroleum Products by Sector (4-3, 4-3M)

U.S. Transportation Energy Consumption By Mode

  • U.S. Energy Consumption by the Transportation Sector (4-4)
  • U.S. Government Energy Consumption by Agency and Source (4-19, 4-19M)

Modal Profiles

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Updated: Wednesday, June 19, 2019