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Hurricane Irma Potential Transportation Impact

Annual Florida Freight Value is 1.002 Trillion DollarsFlorida Airport Passengers Daily Equals 222.3 ThousandFreight Tons Through Florida Major Ports equals 168.8 Million Annually

Florida Major Freight Truck Flows Map

Learn more about Freight Flows in Florida

Florida has 2,900 miles of railroad

In 2015, drivers on Florida roads traveled 207 billion miles.

Florida has more than 122 thousand miles of public road

Select Florida Seaport Profiles:

Select Florida Seaport Profiles
Port Annual Vessel Calls Annual Tonnage (millions / short tons)
Port of Jacksonville 3,009 17.6
Port of Miami 2,243 7.8
Port of Port Everglades 3,135 23.1
Port of Tampa 2,565 35.9

Large and Medium Florida Airport Hub Profiles:

Large and Medium Florida Airport Hub Profiles
Airport (Each airport name links to airport profile) Annual Enplanements Average Daily Enplanements
14,261,782 39,073
4,236,432 11,607
2,707,902 7,419
20,799,065 56,984
20,283,286 55,571
9,194,293 25,190
3,097,280 8,486
Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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