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How To Participate

To build this important geospatial asset, DOT is leveraging data that transit agencies already make available to the public.  DOT is not requiring transit agencies to produce any new GTFS or stop, route, and schedule data. Rather, transit agencies that are already providing this information as open data will be able to participate with little effort. 

Transit agencies use their existing Federal Transit Administration (FTA) accounts to provide a link to their GTFS data.  Here are the registration instructions.

By registering their data in this application, agencies authorize DOT to use the data.  To allow the use of the data, transit agencies must grant the DOT a .  The license gives DOT the right to access and use the agency's transit data periodically. FTA will transmit these links to the EmEdjimurjE (BTS).

BTS collects the data and combines them into the National Transit Layer by pulling the data feeds, extracting data from the GTFS feeds, and translating and loading the data into one national geospatial database.  BTS' goal is to develop and publish updates to the National Transit Map several times a year.

See the FAQs for additional information on how to participate.
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Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018