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Table 1A: Monthly Change in Scheduled Passenger Airline Full-time Equivalent Employees* by Airline Group

Percent change in FTEs from the previous month

Network Airlines Low-Cost Airlines Regional Airlines All Passenger Airlines**
Sep 2015-Oct 20150.
Oct 2015-Nov 20150.
Nov 2015-Dec 20150.
Dec 2015-Jan 20160.
Jan 2016-Feb 20160.31.2-0.10.4
Feb 2016-Mar 20160.
Mar 2016-Apr 20160.31.2-0.40.4
Apr 2016-May20160.
May 2016-Jun20160.
Jun 2016-July 20160.
July 2016-Aug 20160.10.4-0.10.1
Aug 2016-Sep 20160.00.6-0.60.1

Percent changes based on numbers prior to rounding.

See Table 2 for all passenger airlines, Table 7 for Network, Table 10 for Low-Cost and Table 13 for Regional.

* Full-time Equivalent Employee (FTE) calculations count two part-time employees as one full-time employee.

** Includes network, low-cost, regional and other carriers. Other Carriers generally operate within specific niche markets.  They are: Hawaiian Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and Island Air Hawaii.



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