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2012 Report of Passengers Denied Confirmed Space, 4th Quarter

Quarter Ended 12/30/2012

AirTran Airways06540096636547,000004,906,630$337,694$0$0
Alaska Airlines01450441082971451,16219114,218,458$0$236,196$0
American Airlines1148530394281,3891,36114,44296823718,536,509$51,087$866,451$0
American Eagle301600200164123964,2655244,433,663$11,279$130,564$0
Delta Airlines901,792125862,0211,88231,03135,93411,71925,496,756$51,688$2,066,507$0
Frontier Airlines56252851057426002,537,924$227$4,899$2,215
Hawaiian Airlines4100004141219002,410,581$10,907$0$11,350
JetBlue Airways130000131354006,573,215$9,688$0$22,324
Mesa Airlines379107293115124641,510171,2631,899,862$226,733$70,459$5,180
SkyWest Airlines1111,48467133161,8111,62811,1196,4051,3386,419,001$85,752$923,142$34,143
Southwest Airlines788370009372,0951,15813,8510027,876,734$692,490$345,494$0
United Airlines131,80545914692,8462,60013,1986,6602,98518,696,707$52,076$1,553,151$41,206
US Airways6250380567196256,39802,60213,577,101$540,853$0$0
Virgin America12030318123019311,499,063$6,662$401$6,853

1a Number of passengers who were denied boarding involuntarily who qualified for denied boarding compensation and were given alternate transportation within the meaning of section 250.5

1b were not given such alternate transportation

2 Number of passengers denied boarding involuntarily who did not qualify for denied boarding compensation due to:

2a accommodation on another flight that arrived within 1 hour after the scheduled arrival time of the original flight

2b substitution of smaller capacity equipment

2c failure of passenger to comply with ticketing, check-in, or reconfirmation procedures or to be acceptable for transportation under carrier's tariff or contract of carriage

3 Total number denied boarding involuntarily

4 Number of passengers denied boarding involuntarily who actually received compensation

5 Number of passengers who volunteered to give up reserved space in exchange for a payment of the carrier's choosing

6 Number of Passengers accommodated in another section of the aircraft

6a Upgrades

6b Downgrades

7 Total Boardings

8 Amount of Compensation paid to passenger who:

8a were denied boarding involuntarily and were given alternate transportation within the meaning of section 250.5

8b were denied boarding involuntarily and were not given alternate transportation

8c volunteered for denied boarding

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