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2009 Report of Passengers Denied Confirmed Space 2nd Quarter

AirTran Airways016500241891656,899006,208,390$0$35,803$0
Alaska Airlines020333383526262032,11318103,774,628$0$171,348$0
American Airlines832930180481,1531,10515,2311,05327919,703,056$197,042$22,056$0
American Eagle677350785391,5361,4375,081004,046,770$137,695$5,234$0
Atlantic Southeast38370144211,1311,0848,1321,8781723,417,449$15,405$79,564$0
Continental Airlines49827482072371,3681,0029,7953,9198179,830,277$7,641$186,520$1,500
Delta Air Lines9101,56564962,5542,47516,30346,7336,77115,881,066$163,340$555,636$0
Frontier Airlines95253742863902,123002,476,619$694$4,851$988
Hawaiian Airlines100001014002,080,657$0$0$0
JetBlue Airways000007723005,690,972$1,8990$6,668
Mesa Airlines262133322574863037,0913,4856052,882,497$87,875$28,753$0
Northwest Airlines354044230270261611,8284,177169,535,634$84,258$0$4,231
Pinnacle Airlines20943601173753577,3303,2873012,710,661$36,130$5,074$386
SkyWest Airlines18930321135174949,92711,0431,9355,242,638$12,246$53,304$0
Southwest Airlines11941,479008533,5262,67333,8250026,517,691$402,822$507,531$10,794,961
United Air Lines7391,5421112,2822,28226,84582,88110,99513,336,497$233,532$615,063$5,914
US Airways2,258018441102,5562,25827,1965,379013,626,407$947,614$0$0

1a Number of passengers who were denied boarding involuntarily who qualified for denied boarding compensation and were given alternate transportation within the meaning of section 250.5

1b were not given such alternate transportation

2 Number of passengers denied boarding involuntarily who did not qualify for denied boarding compensation due to:

2a accommodation on another flight that arrived within 1 hour after the scheduled arrival time of the original flight

2b substitution of smaller capacity equipment

2c failure of passenger to comply with ticketing, check-in, or reconfirmation procedures or to be acceptable for transportation under carrier's tariff or contract of carriage

3 Total number denied boarding involuntarily

4 Number of passengers denied boarding involuntarily who actually received compensation

5 Number of passengers who volunteered to give up reserved space in exchange for a payment of the carrier's choosing

6 Number of Passengers accommodated in another section of the aircraft

6a Upgrades

6b Downgrades

7 Total Boardings

8 Amount of Compensation paid to passenger who:

8a were denied boarding involuntarily and were given alternate transportation within the meaning of section 250.5

8b were denied boarding involuntarily and were not given alternate transportation

8c volunteered for denied boarding